Monday, 8 July 2013

See - Kendrick Lamar live

American rapper Kendrick Lamar is currently touring the UK, and I would highly recommend catching him live, after seeing him perform tonight at the 02 Academy in Birmingham. There is something that sets Lamar apart from other rappers. He is conversational, one of the lads and not untouchable. He is young, almost naive and wonderfully honest. When performing live, his lyrics were brought to life. Unlike mavericks like Drake and Kanye, Lamar speaks to his audience, engaging them in a conversation about the difficulties of being a young man growing up in Compton, against a backdrop of gun crime, gangs, sex and drugs.  Just like his fans, he is young and full of the optimism and angst of youth. The live show is the most energetic mosh pit/ house party you will ever go to - strobe lighting, bodies bouncing in baseball caps, sweat and being soaked in bottled water. As on the album, highlights of the show included the brilliant Swimming Pool and the anthem Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe.


I wore all black to the gig - Converse high tops, skinny jeans, black Zara T shirt and black NY Yankees baseball cap.

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