Friday, 5 July 2013

Listen - Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z

This Summer all the big guns are out. Kanye has just released a new album (reviewed here and Drake is set to release his new record in September. Jay Z, the biggest gun of all has released his new record, Magna Carta Holy Grail this week. It is his most personal and thoughtful album to date. He boasts of his success, without forgetting his roots and questions his skills as a father. Having seen Jay Z live last year on the Watch The Throne tour, he is a tour de force as a performer and this will be an epic album for stadiums. The collaborations here are cool and endless - Beyonce, Justin Timberkale, Frank Ocean, Pharrell and Nas. Standout tracks inlcude Picasso, Baby and BBC. Catch Jay-Z live at the Wireless Festival next week in London. 

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