Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Silver screen style icon - Mr Jay Gatsby

If there has been one cinematic event this Summer that has had an influence on mens fashion, it has to be The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald's novel about the American dream and the illusion of love was turned into a flashy, champagne filled, Jay Z booming movie by Baz Luhrmann. Gatsby has long been a big influence on mens fashion - the attention to detail, the nostalgia of the jazz age and the dapper, rakish dress sense of the man himself has always been aspirational.

The beautiful images below are from a recent international edition of Vogue Magazine. They perfectly capture the glamour and decadence of Gatsby's age.

Of course the movie itself has paid painstaking detail to the fashion of the 1920s and have been spot on in dressing Gatsby. Both Leonardo DiCaprio, in Brooks Brothers and Robert Redford in Ralph Lauren perfectly epitomise the man himself. 

Despite the over the top nature of dressing like Gatsby, it is a look that can quite easily be replicated. Below are the key pieces to get the Gatsby look:

Pocket watch, boater hat and printed trousers from Topman


Blazer and bow tie from Reiss


Suit from Alexander McQueen, tie bar from Brooks Brothers, pocket squares from Etro and Drakes all at Mr Porter

And finally, if you are still having trouble looking like Gatsby, take inspiration from the designs of Mr Tom Ford

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  1. That photo of Leo always brings to mind these photos of Cecil Beaton.


  2. Great images. I am a big fan of Beaton and have collected some of his first editions over the years. You can read my review of the movie at: