Thursday, 25 July 2013

Old school style icon - Alain Delon

Luckily for young men of the 21st century, there is a plethora of fashion inspiration from old school style icons. Alain Delon was not only a fantasic and charismatic actor, he was also one of the most stylish men of his time. Dubbed as the French James Dean because of his good looks and talent as a actor, he is most famous for his role in Plein Soleil (Purple Moon) in 1960, based on the novel of The Talented Mr Ripley. The below images are just a few of the great looks from this great movie which I would highly recommend.

Delon was equally as stylish off screen as he was on. Favouring high waisted trousers, open collar chambray shirts, flannel suits and pleated trousers, they are all looks that he can get away with because of his good looks. It is not a difficult look to emulate but beware of unbuttoning shirts too low, as this can be more sleazy than rakish.


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