Friday, 14 March 2014

See - The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson has a reputation for creating beautiful worlds with a painstaking attention to detail and a whimsical quality that makes you long to inhabit them. The Grand Budapest Hotel is his best creation to date.

The film is a hilarious caper that follows a hotel concierge (Ralph Fiennes) that is left a wealthy painting in the will of an elderly patron. Fiennes must stay one step ahead of the patron's villainous family and the police (led by Ed Norton), and is assisted by his sweet and faithful lobby boy, played by Tony Revolori. In one hour and forty minutes, this is an action packed adventure, often funny and sweet picture that is unlike any other movie in the cinema today. 

Notable for its huge ensemble cast (Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Jude Law to name just a few) this film feels like a love letter to an older, other world where standards were different and care and attention was put into every act. Fiennes excels as the concierge of the Grand Budapest, and shows an ability in a comedy role that he has previously kept hidden away. The set pieces are truly incredible - the hotel, the prisons, the mountains and the waterfalls are pristine, shiny and picturesque and are vividly realised. Costumes are also brilliant - with a special mention to the dastardly and rather rakish Mr Adrien Brody as Dimitri. 

Images and video courtesy of The Guardian/ Fox Searchlight Pictures 

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