Monday, 5 August 2013

Superb shades from Oxford Vaughan

As the UK has experienced a sunnier Summer than we can remember, we have all been reaching for our shades. Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory in my opinion. They are easy to wear, involving nothing more than slipping them on, and if you get the right frame, they can be incredibly flattering. You can buy a standard pair of shades from any high street or online store, but for true luxury there is only one place to go and that is Oxford Vaughan.

I am yet to come across a friendlier team of people, that know their product well and how to promote it. Not that these shades need much help - they are the ultimate in refined luxury. These sunglasses defy the label "accessories" as the designers have broken the mould to create incredibly lux pieces.  Handmade in Japan and finished in the UK, the tagline of the brand "We all have stories to live, live yours with Oxford Vaughan" holds true when you consider the professional brand ambassadors that they have. The brand ambassadors (with more to come) already includes the Apache Attack Helicopter Team, Mark Bowman the chief test pilot at BAE Systems and Anthony Reid  the British land speed record holder.

Currently, Oxford Vaughan have 5 main product lines - Monte Carlo, SpeedBird, GTB, Monza and Superyacht. SpeedBird is also offered as a premium range featuring platinum or 24 carat gold lenses. Just take a look at the below designs to see the quality and detail in these products.

My two favourite styles are the SpeedBird which is a rework of the classic aviator and the GTB. I love how the GTB feels modern and new and I feel that this style could be the new shape in eyewear.

SpeedBird inspired by exploration and exhilaration (£795) 

SpeedBird Mach 2 (£1,695) 

GTB inspired by GTB cars of the 1950s and 60s (£895)

Each pair is beautifully presented in hand stitched Italian saddle leather roll, piano black wood presentation box with OV monogrammed polishing cloth. 

These shades are more than just sunglasses and are an essential for the modern, rakish man with a passion for quality and luxury. Oxford Vaughan uses the highest grade materials including titanium finished in precious metals. 

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  1. I've had a pair of Oxford Vaughan Super Yachts since May 2013, they are by far the best pair of sunglasses I've owned and every time I wear them to a party or bbq they get so much attention and worn by so many people. Love Them!

    1. That's brilliant. I am sure they are now getting the recognition that they really deserve.