Thursday, 8 August 2013

Looking rakish at work

Most people that work in an office will be aware of the dreariness and mundanity of such a life. One way to counter these feelings is through fantastic fashion. The above look is a Reiss suit, white shirt and pocket square with Reiss tie and River Island silver collar bar. The collar bar is an easy accessory that elevates an already rakish look to another level, and I love the art deco style print of the tie.

The below look consists of white shirt with navy Burton suit and floral tie and pocket square from Topman. Anyone that reads or checks this blog regularly will be aware of my print obsession and florals have been all over the high street this Summer. The muted but colourful florals on this tie really stand out. When the working day is done, it is time to lose the blazer and stick your tie into your shirt.

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