Sunday, 18 August 2013

Shop - Samuel Windsor

I have recently been introduced to a great brand, Samuel Windsor, who specialise in affordable menswear of great quality. 

Shirts are tailored and range from formal office to casual weekend. I particularly love the formal shirt in French Blue which would look great with a tie and a suit jacket, and is only £40. Sizes range from 15 inches to 18 inch collars. Samuel Windsor really understand the art of shirt making - the formal shirts are all two fold 100's cotton poplin which are light and slimming. 

Sticking to the shirts on offer, they also have a great range of casual shirts - linen, polo and rugby are but a few. I really like the bold colours on the rugby shirts, like the one below which comes in a vibrant but very wearable saffron. They are a great fit and range from £15 to £25. 

As well as shirts, I have found the Samuel Windsor shoes are really strong. The brogues come in a fantastic tan colour and look great dressed up or done. I love the Sandhurst brogue in tan which is only £37.50. For the same price, you can also grab a pair of the Black Oxford Shoe which are the perfect pair of shoes for daily office use. 

A great selection of 7 fold woven silk ties work well with the selection of shirts and jumpers and suits complete the range of product categories on offer. 

As I have said above, for great, clean, simple, wearable and tailored staples, Samuel Windsor do a great range at affordable prices. 

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