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Spotlight - Mr Jonathan Daniel Pryce

The first in a series of spotlight features on those working in the mens fashion industry, focuses on Mr Jonathan Daniel Pryce, one of the most inspirational photographers of the 21st century. 


Known for his street and fashion photography work, Jonathan's arresting images have been featured in countless publications including Vogue, Another Magazine and i-D Magazine. He is also a member of the Sartorial 7, a collective of 7 stylish men who each take it in turn to discuss their thoughts on fashion.    In 2012, the Scottish Fashion Awards named him as the Photographer of the Year. 



Over the last 12 months, he has become well known for his project 100 Beards, 100 Days, which saw him photographing 100 different beards daily for 100 days. I was fortunate enough to be able to take some time from Jonathon's busy schedule to ask him a couple of questions about this project, his publication of the same name, and to get his musings on mens fashion and the industry in general. All images have been kindly reproduced with the permission of Jonathan. 

Interview with Jonathon Daniel Pryce 

RG: What prompted you to undertake the 100 Beards project?

JDP: An envy of the great beards I had spotted all over London. I knew they had to be documented and wanted to do it in the most concise and yet most alluring way possible. There's something about photographing someone on the street, on the street where you found them. It creates a narrative and retains authenticity - two things that I strive for in my photography. 

RG: Whilst working on 100 Beards, what did you learn about the art of keeping a beard?

JDG: There were so many men that told me about their grooming habits. I'm hoping to put some of these into the new 100 Beards book. It's all about conditioning - beard oil and a good trim. 

RG: Have you kept the beard that you grew?

JDP: No, the day I took the final photo I shaved it off. Now, I never wet shave though, but tend to let it grow past stubble. I'll leave the beards up to the experts. 

RG: Where did you interest in fashion, and in particular mens fashion come from?

JDP: I have always been interested in style. My Mum used to do photography and owned a lot of Marilyn Monroe photo books which I devoured as a child. I think it started there and when I saw a Scott Schuman exhibition in New York in 2008 I started to try it myself. My passion for street style started there. 

RG: What makes a great photograph?

JDP: Great light and a dash of je ne se quoi. 

RG: Are there any photographers that you admired and that have inspired you?

JDP: When I discovered Vivian Maier, I was instantly drawn to her story. Her images are so real and vivid you can taste them. 

RG: You have had work featured in Vogue, i-D and Another magazines. Of all your published works, which are you most proud of? 

JDP: My next feature. 

RG: Who do you admire style wise?

JDP: Someone who knows themselves. Clothing that lasts. A considered approach. 

RG: After attending London Collections Men earlier this year, what trends will you be sporting this Autumn/ Winter?

JDP: I don't follow trends but I love to observe them. I know that I'll be wearing high waisted wool trousers, roll neck sweaters and oversize overcoats. 

RG: What projects do you have in the pipeline?

JDP: The next 100 Beards book will be out next month which is very exciting but after that I'm concentrating on developing my mens style blog Garcon Jon

RG: And finally, for you, what makes a rakish gent?

JDP: A lust for life. 


I woud like to personally thank Jonathan for his time and for being so accommodating. I think you will agree that he is a stylish, intelligent person that knows what he is talking about and whose images will define a generation of rakish gents. As stated in the interview, the next edition of 100 Beards, 100 Days will be out very soon and can be purchased online at

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