Thursday, 24 April 2014

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The Rakish Gent likes to look and feel good. What you wear is key to looking good, but how you feel, smell and how well groomed you are, are equally important. I recently came across a brilliant new grooming range, which offers a complete package of products for your every need, from The Gentle-Man range. 

Harking back to a more dapper time, the range is inspired by the style and etiquette of the gentleman. The range features an array of luxury grooming products for the modern gent, formulated using fantastic ingredients and bespoke fragrances. 

The range has been created by Dr Paul Byrne, a former producer of luxury fragrances, who was left twiddling his thumbs after retirement. Curious about the world of male grooming, he transformed his large shed into a home lab and carefully began to source gentle ingredients and working on formulas. The result of his work is The Gentle-Man range, which are simple, gentle on the skin but effective in their aims. The range really is an example of the best of Britain - the simple design, smart packaging, manufacture and formulation of the range was all made in Great Britain. 

I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of products to try for myself and cannot recommend them highly enough. They are exactly as described - simple and straight forward, never harsh on my skin or complicated to use. I was impressed by the light but not overbearing fragrance as well as the old school sophistication of the packaging. Below is a closer look at some of my favorites of the range:

Rather splendid sandalwood body wash (£13) - I loved the sandalwood scent on this body wash which felt really luxurious when lathered up in the shower. 

Decidedly invigorating peppermint body wash (£13) - a great luxury alternative if sandal wood is not the scent for you. Great for the morning shower before work. 

Aloe Sweet Cheeks shave cream (£15) - rich in natural olive and shea butters, and natural aloe vera, this will soothe your skin against the effects of a razor. 

Super Soothing Post Shave Balm (£16) contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe your skin after a shave. 

Highly hydrating daily moisturiser (£18) provides maximum protection and benefit. 

Frightfully fresh pomegranate face wash (£15) is a light, refreshing and gentle face wash. 

Gentle-Man Eau De Toilette (£30) - a refreshing and contemporary scent with basil and cardamom, bergamot and lemon and a woody undertone. 

A huge thanks to the team at The Gentle-Man for the fantastic products that they sent over. I am a big fan of the range and will definitely be coming back for more soon. You can shop my picks of the collection, and more at The Gentle-Man.  

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