Friday, 18 April 2014

Asos Menswear Suits

The people at Asos are so kind. On 21st April, they launch a new range of suits for men. To road test the new fit, they sent me this lovely new grey suit which I am rather pleased with.

The new range features two new styles – slim and skinny, created with a truer fit in mind. As a slim size 36 suit, I have always found a big difference between the way different retailers size up their suits. Asos have got the sizing spot on – the suit created a long, lean and streamlined silhouette. Whilst being slim to the body, it was never tight and the fabric was comfortable and breathable.

The new range features 5 suits – my grey suit, navy, black, charcoal and blue sharskin. Whilst I do not look anywhere near as good as model Harvey Newton Haydon in my suit, I felt pretty damn good and am incredibly thankful to Asos for sending me the new suit to launch the campaign.

The images of me are taken by the brilliant street style photographer Noemie- Gombe Kette, who made me feel really at ease in front of the camera (no mean feat I tell you). You can follow her work on her website That African Girl and on Instagram.

Shop the new range from April 21st at Asos

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