Sunday, 16 June 2013

Watch - Man of Steel

Hollywood has finally made the Superman movie that we have all been waiting for. Man of Steel is Zack Synder's new version of the greatest of superhero stories. Produced in collaboration with Christopher Nolan, the man credited from turning Batman from camp, caped crusader to the cool, complex billionaire playboy who dons a black leather suit and a mean set of wheels at night, this too is an origins story, focusing on how the man came to be. Confused about why he is who he is, a 33 year old Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) has spent his life as a drifter, with multiple identities and changing jobs as soon as his habit of saving people gets him close to being exposed. When he meets the hologram of his dead father, played by a bearded, stoic but surprisingly agile Russell Crowe he decides to be a force for good and dons that iconic red cape. Without giving too much away, much of the action focuses on General Zod from Superman's home planet of Krypton and his obsessive, genocidal plans to start his race again, on Earth. Micheal Shannon plays Zod well with menacing eyes, great costumes and classic one liners. Henry Cavill should have his pick of roles after being cast as the lead in this movie. He is spot on as Superman. Square jawed, handsome, nice guy with a great set of teeth and an even greater set of abs, he has his shirt off within 30 seconds of being on camera. Anyone that looked like him would do the same. He must have spent months in the gym to get into super human shape. He looks like a real action hero, so much so that he puts all the rest to shame. Amy Adams gives another knockout performance as Lois Lane, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, her given a much bigger part than in previous films and this movie is all the better for it. The first 20 minutes and the last hour are impressive and brilliantly choreographed. Krypton is beautifully realised and the man of steel and Zod literally rips bits out of each other when they do battle. If there are any qualms about this movie, it is that it is too long and that Superman is just too nice. He is too clean cut, too much of a goodie two shoes; worlds away from tortured Batman and teenage Spiderman. Here, the bearded, introspective Kent appeals more than the clean shaven, classic Clark Kent. A sequel is inevitable and is likely to be a more light hearted affair. Unlike so many Hollywood blockbusters, a Man of Steel 2 would be welcomed. 

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