Tuesday, 18 June 2013

See - Rihanna Diamonds World Tour

In the middle of her UK tour, you should really get to see Rihanna if you can. 7 albums in 7 years, never releasing a bad single and a personal life that only adds to her interest and sex appeal, she is undoubtedly the biggest star on the planet now. The Diamonds Tour is largely made up of material from her last 2 albums, Unapologetic and Talk That Talk. She brings the Caribbean dance hall to the UK with this show, when she arrives on stage in a long, black gown, quickly thrown aside, to the pumping sounds of Phresh Out The Runway. From that second on, its a tour de force - Jump, What's My Name?, Rude Boy, You Da One, We Found Love, S&M, Only Girl in the World, Stay, Diamonds. A thrilling two hours of non stop action with fire shooting out of the stage. Rihanna literally has sex pouring out of her. You cannot take your eyes off her as she smiles, winks, smoulders, crotch grabs and gyrates her way around the stage. Completely uninhibited, she touches herself, bends over and makes the whole audience feel as if they are in her bedroom. She would eat most men alive, rakish gent or not. However, it's not all sex. She showcased a more soulful side, looking incredible in a long red skirt and bra top. Rihanna's love of fashion was evident here. Knee high, white boots, yellow and red leather, a Lanvin catsuit, sequinned sneakers and black leather Givenchy were all worn effortlessly, as if she had just stepped out into the street and thousands of fans just happened to be there. 

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