Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Shop and win - Cornerstone

Any range or product that makes daily grooming for men easier has to be a winner in my book. So, I am naturally thrilled with the unique new service from Cornerstone. 

Simple, easy to use and refreshingly straightforward, the service asks you how often you shave and which products you need in your box. That box is then delivered to you, as often as you wish. Once you are registered, you can tailor make your own flexible delivery service for all of the products - so pick and choose which you want, and how often you want. You get an email before each delivery, so if it needs to be cancelled or changed in any way, that can easily be done. 

The best thing about this way of working is that it works for you - you will never have too much or not enough of any product lying around and you can change your plan whenever you want - maximum flexibility. Having tried the range for myself over the last few weeks, I was pleasantly surprised by just how good it is. With no intention to disrespect, the men's grooming market is getting more over saturated every week so one must take a new range with some skepticism. 

However, having tried the range in full, I will be replacing some of my old products for some of these from Cornerstone. Here is a closer look at the range:

Pre Shave Face Scrub

When I say about replacing old products with new ones, it is specifically the pre shave face scrub that I am talking about. Blended with cedarwood and volcanic sand, the thick face scrub really left my skin feeling invigorating and super clean. 

Sensitive Shave Gel

A perfect shaving gel - light and refreshing and gives great lather . 

Razor and blades

The search for the best razor on the market can come to an end - this one from Cornerstone features German engineered blades that stay sharper for longer. Each razor cartridge has 5 blades with a Vitamin E & Aloe Vera strip moisturising strip. Refer a friend to Cornerstone and you will get a razor handle with your initials engraved as a thank you. 

Post Shave Gel

A milk and honey blend feels amazing on your skin after your shave. 

Inspired by the brand philosophy "a more simple way to shave" the range from Cornerstone does just that. It is easy, flexible and user friendly with products that are really impressive and that you will want to use all of the time. 

To help you get started, you can now win the brand's luxury men's shave kit with The Rakish Gent. The gift includes all of the products above with the aforementioned engraved razor (I have one already and find that anything is better when it has your monogram on it). All you have to do is click on the link below and fill in your email address. Easy peasy. Best of luck!

Find out more about Cornerstone and shop the entire range here

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