Thursday, 3 July 2014

Calvin Klein Underwear World Cup collection

With England out of the World Cup faster than it took them to arrive in Brazil, it's important to remember that there are a host of other teams to get behind and hours of football on TV to be watched yet. To celebrate the once every four years football tournament, Calvin Klein have developed a new collection of underwear, based on the countries playing. 

Exclusive to Bang and Strike (formerly Bang Lads) the collection comprises of five different pairs of boxer briefs, all in different colours, after the national team, whether that be Spain, France, Germany, Holland or England. 

Just in case you forget which country you are supporting, each pair also has a small tab flag on the hip. As you would expect from Calvin Klein, each product is 95% cotton and a snug fit. Each pair comes in boxer brief format only. 

If World Cup pants do not take your fancy, there is a whole host of other items at Bang and Strike to take a look at - from a huge range of swimwear to an impressive range of swimwear brands and gym wear too. 

Only £27 each and available for a limited time at Bang and Strike

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