Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Shop Monsieur London

Monsieur London is a wonderful brand, created by two friends, Thibault Fulchiron & Valentin Gaux, who travelled the world together before forming their company, which is based in London. Together they follow their passion for using beautiful materials to create luxury products for men. 

Raised in French craftsmen families, the brand is inspired by tradition, beauty and ecology. The collection is inspired by the travel of its founders, and this is evident in the range. 

Focusing on accessories, to which The Rakish Gent is partial, the current range encompasses luxury hats, scarves, ties, cuff links, pocket squares, belts and braces.  Everything is sustainable, but also created with premium raw materials. Products are crafted by the best hands in the business - the gloves are produced in Millau, France, the flat caps from a farm in the Hebrides in Scotland, and ties from the only company allowed to produce royal Irish poplin in Northern Ireland. 

The Monsieur London website is a real treat. You can find out more about a product, by clicking on Almanac which provides great behind the scenes information. Below is my pick of the best of the current range:


Antoine cadet grey hat £92.00

Antrim white tie £36.00

Bragelonne black gloves £141.00

Bransfield scarf £108.00

Red pay pink tie £36.00 

Mr Thibault Fulchiron & Valentin Gaux of Monsieur London 

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