Monday, 30 September 2013

Shop - Show Off Gallery

Show Off Gallery are a new T shirt brand that focus on creating hand made tailored T shirts. Their new range, which is available to purchase on their website now, is brilliant. 

Hip hop has done as much for fashion as it has for music. Artists like ASAP Rocky, Kanye West and Tinie Tempah have had an undeniable effect on fashion, which has extended to them now dictating trends as opposed to merely following them. 

A number of designs in the new collection are inspired by the cover work of albums by some of hip-hop's finest. The below look, is based on the cover of Jay Z's last album Magna Carta Holy Grail:

The incredible Watch The Throne cover is also one of the designs:

Show Off Gallery also have a great selection of their own designs and prints. All of the pieces are priced at £40.00 which is incredibly reasonable for a T shirt made of 100% cotton and featuring a complete print. They also offer free worldwide shopping. 

These T shirts are made for a night out. They look fantastic with jeans and do all of the talking. They are statement items that will stand out and the cool, fresh designs feel of the moment. Shop my picks of the collection:

Roses are Red T shirt 

Show Off Mad Paisley Print T shirt 

Shop the full collection at Show Off Gallery 

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